Do you still have bubble-gum pink walls that “match” the avocado green toilet and tub that were installed in your home’s bathroom way back in the 70s? Well, maybe that’s an indication that it’s time to paint your walls, if not renovate your bathroom altogether. Here at Integrity Painting, that’s a project that we can get behind. We’d be happy to help you settle on the perfect hue for your updated bathroom (or bathrooms), and we’d be ecstatic to apply a fresh coat of paint to make your restrooms feel as if they were brand new. Below, we’ve catalogued a few tips that you can employ to ensure that you love the hue of your bathroom. Once you’re ready to paint, feel free to give us a call — we provide home interior (and exterior) painting services for our neighbors throughout the Winnipeg area.

Opt for “Clean” Colours

Your bathroom should feel clean. Impress guests with a clean, comfortable, welcoming bathroom that says: There are no germs in here! To achieve that clean look, you’ll want to go with white, off-white, light neutral tones, blues, or greens. You may be able to get away with some purple hues, and orange or red may serve as bold accent colours, but be sure to avoid yellow, brown, and darker colours (more on that in a second). Light colours, blues, and greens give off a sterile, natural, breathable appeal to your walls, making them the ideal colours for most bathrooms, no matter the size.

Don’t Go Too Dark

As we just mentioned, dark tones may prove to be a poor choice. Why? Well, dark colours can appear to have a shrinking effect on a bathroom. And in most homes, bathrooms are already the smallest spaces in the house. Instead of going with dark colours, opt for lighter tones, and be sure to install a vanity mirror that helps to expand the space of your bathroom. If you have a larger bathroom, feel free to reach towards darker colours on the palette. And if you must have a dark colour in your bathroom, consider using it on the smallest wall in the room as an accent colour.

Remember Moisture

It’s important to remember that your bathroom can collect moisture. As you shower day-in and day-out, steam will permeate your bathroom space, which can be damaging to particular paints. If you’re selecting paint on your own, be sure to find a paint that is a moisture-resistant interior. Be sure to read the label, since some paints can crack, discolour, or chip when introduced to moisture — which means that you’ll have to repair and repaint your walls!

Wallpaper Is Out

While wallpaper may have been “in” a few decades ago, most homeowners have come to the conclusion that it should be used sparingly. And you should be doubly cautious if you’re thinking about installing wallpaper in a bathroom. Wallpaper can look tacky, especially if it begins to peel, if it turns yellow, or if it attracts mold — all of which are liable to happen in this moist environment. If you’re dead set on installing wallpaper in your bathroom, make sure that the space is well ventilated, and consider a wallpaper that isn’t white (since it’s liable to yellow). Find a wallpaper that is designed to withstand moisture as well.

Pair With Your Fixtures and Furnishings

Take a keen look around your bathroom. What colours are your tub, shower, and sinks? What about the countertop? Do you have natural wood cabinetry? How would all of that look against an eggshell white backdrop? Or perhaps robin’s egg blue? Consider how your new paint colour (or colours) will pair up with the fixtures and furnishings of your bathroom. Grab a handful of paint swatches and compare your favorites side by side with all of the elements that you’ll have in your bathroom. You can even match with towels, floor mats… you name it!

Consider an Accent Colour

Accent colours can breathe life into a bathroom, especially if you have a larger bathroom with broad, empty walls. Consider painting one of the smaller walls in your bathroom with a bold accent colour in order to break up the space. Pair that accent hue with other items throughout the bathroom to further make the paint job pop. Again, accents look great paired with towels, floor mats, planters, etc.

Quick, Thorough Painting With Integrity

If you live here in Winnipeg, then Integrity Painting is your local source for interior painting services. We’ve proudly served folks throughout the region for nearly 30 years, and we look forward to continually providing premier painting services. If you’re ready to improve the aesthetic appeal of your bathrooms (and the rest of your home), we’d be happy to meet with you. Schedule an appointment to get a free estimate today!