Finding a wall colour to complement your furniture set can seem like a daunting task. When you want your room to look professional, you need to be sure that you pick just the right shade of paint. As your local, Winnipeg-based painting company, we have a few tips will help you find the perfect colour to match your favorite furniture piece. Here’s our advice:

First, pull a colour from that piece of furniture. That colour will be the foundation for your room’s colour scheme.

For a cohesive and calming look, you’ll want to pick a wall colour within the same colour family as the furniture colour you chose. Something just a couple shades off would give you the right amount of variety and would still keep the room feeling cohesive.

If you’re feeling a bit wilder and want your focal piece to pop, try for a paint colour that contrasts your furniture’s colour. If your furniture piece is dark and your walls have an equally dark tone in a contrasting colour, the two colours create a rich, sophisticated feel.

If your red sectional, for example, is loud enough on its own, consider simply painting an accent wall that accents that furniture’s colour. That way, the room ties together nicely without being too overbearing.

As you experiment with different hues, be sure to try large swatches on your wall before you let a professional painter take over (we can paint samples for you as well!).

Once your walls are painted, your paint colour and your furniture together create your space’s colour family. As you continue to add new pieces and decorate the space, stick to these colours, and everything will come together beautifully.

If colours are just not your thing, consult a professional colour consultant or interior designer to help you create the perfect space — we’d be happy to provide you with a consultation. As guests come enjoy your perfectly coordinated living room, they are sure to be impressed. And when you’re ready to paint your home, you can count on Winnipeg’s home interior painting experts here at Integrity Painting — get a free estimate for your project today!