If your home houses more plants than people, then you may be basing your interior design on domestic flora, instead of the fixtures and furnitures that traditionally hold weight in home interiors. Here at Integrity Painting, we celebrate those homeowners who bring life boldly into their homes, creating warm, beautiful spaces that breathe. Today, we’re outlining a few interior design tips, mostly concerning colour theory and paint, for those greenthumbs who can’t help but bring their passion for the splendor of the wilderness into their homes. Once you’ve considered some creative colours to coat the walls of your abode, you can always count on us for your upcoming project — we’re proud to provide interior (and exterior!) home painting services for folks throughout Winnipeg. Now let’s get down and dirty with our top tips to transform your home interior into a colourful dedication to Mother Nature and her plantlife.

Celebrate Life

We’ve established that plants are at the forefront of your interior design, as such, they should serve as the accent to the composition of your spaces. While traditional colour schemes may have accent walls to create movement throughout your home, you can rely on the plants in your homes to move the eye. In this way, each plant will serve as a focal point. And each flower of each plant will be a delightful accent. So, unlike other colour palettes, you may not need an accent wall to create interesting spaces throughout your home. Instead, you can use your walls as a backdrop for your plants. Each wall can be a canvas wherein your plants pop out, providing splashes of vibrant colours. Use your canvas to celebrate these colours by choosing hues and shades that compliment your plants, instead of overpowering them. Opt for a pale green to bring out the vibrant greens of a planter full of succulents. Or go with a rust orange to make a hanging vine plant leap in front of the wall. Neutral tones can also work wonders to downplay a massive wall while emboldening the plants resting near it (we’ll highlight more on neutral tones in a bit). There’s a lot of wiggle room here, so we’ll go over three distinct paint schemes that you can employ to make the most of your plants: contrasting colours, complementary hues, and neutral tones…

Exciting Contrasts

If you like to be bold, now’s the time to consider contrasting colours to complete your palette. Consider reds, oranges, and purples to make your plants a commanding part of the composition of a space. These colours work well with green, since they’re on the opposite end of the colour wheel (do you remember the colour wheel from grade school?). Red will prove to be the boldest contrast, and it will be the most exciting composition. You can also opt for pink, or pale-pink tones to retain some excitement, while keeping a room from turning gaudy or overwhelming. Opt for purple or orange for a more muted, yet still expressive composition. Be wary that these bolder colours (red, pink, orange, and purple) may be overpowering for large walls, so you should use them sparingly. If you have a smaller home, or you’re painting a smaller room, then a bold move can pay off. Reserve larger spaces for complementary colours and neutral tones (more on that below.).

Soothing Complementary Colours

Complementary colours will prove quieter than bold, exciting contrasting colours, yet they’re just as beautiful. Consider colours that are on the same side of the colour wheel as your plants (think green, yellow, and blue) to create an expressive, yet calm space. Use a light mint green to highlight your mint plants. Or a pale evergreen to bring out that ficus in the corner. While complementary colours won’t be as gaudy as the bold, contrasting colours we listed above, they can still overwhelm a composition, so be cautious! Reserve vibrant greens, yellows, and blues for small- to medium-sized rooms or accent walls, and use more neutral, pale variants of green, yellow, or blue for larger walls.

Neutral Tones

Neutral tones are always a safe bet, and they work well with all plantlife. Use neutral tones and earth tones to serve as a silent compliment to the flora they support. Consider an off-white tone in your bathroom to highlight the little cactus you keep on the vanity countertop. Or opt for a charcoal grey to lend weight to the many flowering plants that bloom in front of the windows of your living room. You can accomplish a lot without trying hard with a neutral palette. Plus, neutral tones can be used on any wall, regardless of the size — so don’t be afraid to use giant swaths of eggshell. You might even get away with an expanse of charred brown behind your precious plantlife.

Additional Interior Elements

If you’ve settled on a few colours, you can consider other elements in the room to narrow down your selections. Think about the furniture of your home, the fixtures around your spaces, and even the curtains, cabinets, and countertops. All of these elements should work together to give your space character and to build continuity as you move from space to space throughout your home. While there are no steadfast rules here, you can plan strategically by collecting colour samples that you like and comparing them side by side with the plants, furniture, fixtures, and other elements of your home’s interior.

Oh, and don’t forget about the floor! The flooring of your rooms will hold just as much weight as the rest of the space, so you should be sure to add this element to your interior-design equation. Pair a light wood floor with an earthy pale green to bring out the wood. Or opt for eggplant purple to embolden a small kitchen with floors that are just as dark as your paint.

Still Lost? Or Ready to Get Started?

If you’re still overwhelmed with the decision at hand, don’t sweat — we can provide our own advice. If you’d like a colour consultation, our estimator will bring colour brochures to the appointment for you to browse. Or, we can even refer you to a trusted interior designer who can help you settle on a colour palette that’s perfectly suited to your plant-filled spaces.

If you have settled on the perfect colour scheme for your abode, kudos! We’re always here to apply that paint. Count on Integrity Painting to transform your home’s interior with fresh paint — we work with folks throughout Winnipeg.

Give us a call for a colour consultation, or to kick off your painting project!