After a few years, your dream home will naturally start to see a little wear. To keep the exterior of your home from feeling too tired, try freshening it up with some paint. There are a few key places that — with a new coat of colour — will make your home feeling alive again. As always, if you need to update the look of your home’s exterior with a fresh coat, you can count on the professional home exterior painters here at Integrity Painting of Winnipeg — give us a call today to get started!

Freshen up your front door

If you feel like your house is blending in with the rest of the block, consider adding a bright new colour to your front door. Red is timeless, and even colours like bright blue and green look great depending on your home’s overall colour scheme. Just a few square feet of colour a guaranteed to make your home pop.

Refinish Your Porch

If your porch is starting to look faded, consider freshening it up with a new coat of stain. Sanding down the surface and reapplying the stain will update your home in a heartbeat, and your surface will be usable again in just a few short days.

Add Colourful Window Shutters

One fun and whimsical way to add colour to your home is to add window shutters. Classic shutters with a bold colour will give your home some fresh curb appeal. It’s an innovative way to add some new paint and personality to your home’s exterior.

Repaint Your Trim

Over time, your trim can get dull and dirty. Consider brightening it up to make it stand out again. You can choose a bolder colour, but even sticking to a neutral tone will make a difference when the trim looks new again.

These ideas are a great way to update your home’s exterior on a budget. Updating a home with paint is cost effective, and your neighbors are bound to notice these differences.

If you want these projects to turn out the best, hire a professional painting team. These experts will treat your home’s exterior with extra care and will save you the time you’d need to do the painting yourself. If you live here in the Winnipeg area, you can count on the pro painters here at Integrity Painting for both interior and exterior home painting services — reach out to us today for an estimate!