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Are you managing all contractors for your new home build and looking for professional new home painters?  Winnipeg homeowners you can know that Integrity Painting will work directly with you to consult on all your paint needs. We have experience working directly with homeowners and with a number of home builders in Manitoba mapping out plans of action to coordinate perfectly with all other contractors to ensure a timely and professional service. We provide full colour consultations if you require advice on what options would be best to bring your new home’s design together room to room. As we do with all of our painting projects, we aim to be prompt, precise, and passionate. Our Winnipeg painters will work with you to settle on a competitive price point that fits the project budget. Give us a call to discuss your paint needs and feel free to continue reading to learn more about our painting services.

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Custom-Home Painting

From painting the complete interior of your new home to painting the exterior doors and frames as needed, your new home will never look better.  We take pride in our ability to complete your spray stain applications on doors, windows, door frames, risers, capping, railings, fireplace mantles, staircases and treads.  We pride ourselves in matching stains, blending and completing difficult spray stain touch ups    With Integrity Painting, you’ll only need to keep one number handy to see your projects through to completion. Learn more about our interior painting, exterior painting, and additional services below.

Interior Painting

When it comes to the interior of a new home build, every detail counts. We pay close attention to every corner, every line, every fixture. We’ll work with you to capture your vision. Plus, we understand that you’re working on a schedule, and we’ll be sure to work with your schedule and we’ll work with other contractors on-site to ensure that your project is completed to your high standards.

Exterior Painting

From stucco to vinyl to brick to wood, we paint all exterior surfaces. Again, we think when it comes to painting, design is in the details. We’ll ensure that all surfaces are coated thoroughly, and trim and siding near fixtures is painted with accuracy. We understand that the exterior of your home provides the first impression, and we aim to impress. We want you to discover for yourself why integrity is part of our name.

Additional Services

We provide wood staining, brick painting and sealing, deck and railing painting, concrete coating, and window- and door-frame painting. If you’re curious about any of our additional services, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us with your inquiries.

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