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Humble Beginnings

Our local painting company was founded in the fall of 1992 by Ronald Klassen after a four-year stint in a corporate management position. Through an Employment Opportunities Program he got his chance to start his own company and took the time to work through a detailed Business Plan. When it came to picking a name, he chose “Integrity Painting” in spite of some serious opposition from his instructor who thought it was much too demanding a word to live up to in the business world.

The Meaning Behind the Name

Ron explains, “I thought of words like, honesty, uprightness, and wholeness when I picked the name Integrity for my business. The origins of the word come from the French and Latin meaning of intact, integrate, integral, and entirety. To me it means that my company is working well, undivided, integrated, intact, uncorrupted, upfront, and transparent. So, to a client of Integrity Painting our slogan “Paint With Integrity” means the following…”

Red Seal Certification as a Painter and Decorator.

Proof that our operations are run by a dedicated professional who has achieved the highest standards available in our industry.


Better Business Bureau Member with an A+ Rating

Proof that we are committed to ethical business practices and we deliver a high level of service to our clients.


Our Written 25-Step Interior & Exterior Painting Processes

Without an installation process there is no guarantee of what you are going to get in a paint job.


Our Guarantee

You get the most thorough painting job you have ever seen or we will repaint for free — guaranteed! Contractors come and go. Closing shop one day and opening under another name the next. It’s more common than you think! A guarantee is only as good as the business that stands behind it – and we have since 1992.


Our Daily Cleanup – Interior & Exterior

We respect your property and we clean-up behind our work.

Signed Job Completion Before Accepting Final Payment

Only after we do a complete, comprehensive, walk through and receive your signed job completion, we’ll return your keys and ask for the final payment.

Our Promise: We Don’t Cut Corners — We Paint Them

We take all the time needed to make sure your home’s surfaces are covered completely.

We will return your phone call within the same business day

Plus, we’ll give you an appointment time with a one-hour window or arrival time, and we’ll call if we are running late. 70 percent of contractors don’t return their phone calls.

Painters Are in Uniform

Uniforms will allow you to easily identify our crews.

Comprehensive Customer Satisfaction Survey

At Integrity Painting, our reputation is only as good as our last project; we want your feedback. Our independent survey agency will call you and be in touch to ask you how we did in providing your painting needs.

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