Stucco Repairs

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Stucco Repairs are included as part of any painting job. Integrity does not perform repair only work

Minimum of Job size of any Painting/Repair Job is $1000

Hard and durable, stucco is especially useful to cover unattractive structural elements such as metal, concrete, cinder blocks, and clay bricks. However, stucco can crack and chip away quite easily, leaving unsightly openings for pests and leaks. Count on us if you have stucco that could use stucco repair and painting. Integrity Painting is Winnipeg’s trusted, local painting company — count on us for your upcoming project. Call today to get started!

If you notice any of the following, your stucco may need some repair:

  • Discoloration under windows and trim.
  • White, chalky residue on exterior of building.
  • Staining of the stucco where walls and the roof intersect.
  • A consistent musty smell inside your home.
  • Moisture around window finish on the inside.
Repairing your current stucco is a cost and time-effective solution to any problems you are having that could be a result of cracked or crumbling stucco. We offer stucco repair as part of the stucco painting project and, while usually not a small project, we strive to do the work in the time we quote you. Better Business Bureau accredited, and carrying more than 25 years of experience, we approach each stucco repair and paint job with attention to every detail. Prompt. Precise. Passionate. Call us for a free estimate on your next stucco repair and paint project. We provide stucco repair and painting services throughout Winnipeg and the surrounding area.

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