When was the last time you looked at the walls in your house? Unless you have kids who like to draw on the walls or if you recently rearranged family portraits, there’s a good chance that it’s been a while. We don’t often think about the condition of the paint on the walls unless there’s a reason to. And for many homeowners, this means that the walls haven’t been touched in years.

Are you wondering if it’s time to hire a professional house painter? Read this blog, and then take a minute to walk around your house. Pay close attention to the condition of the paint, looking closely at the walls in the kitchen and the bathroom especially, as areas that are high in moisture or humidity can have a greater impact on the quality of the paint.

Peeling Paint

There are several reasons why the paint in your home may be peeling.

  • Low-Quality Paint: House painters will use high-quality paint that will adhere to the wall. However, if you’re tackling interior painting on your own and want to save some money, low-quality paint may not perform as well.g
  • Humidity: Like we mentioned above, rooms with high humidity, like bathrooms, are at a greater risk of peeling due to high humidity.
  • Poor Preparation: When the walls weren’t properly cleaned and given enough time to dry, there is a greater risk of peeling paint.

Scuffed Walls

You may notice scuff marks on areas that see a lot of foot traffic, including entryways, hallways, or the living room. Even though scuff marks are just a sign of normal wear and tear, it can have a significant impact on the appearance and cleanliness of the house. And while there are products that can help remove scuff marks from paint, if there are enough, and it’s been a while since your last house painting project, it may be worth hiring the professionals for a complete interior painting update.

Fading Paint

Do you have walls that are hit with direct sunlight during the day? If you do, and especially if the colour on that wall is darker, you may notice that the paint has begun to fade. You may also notice faded paint colours if a lower-quality paint was used during the last application. Because this can happen gradually, it’s rare that homeowners notice this issue until it’s pointed out. But if there is anything hanging on the wall, take a look behind the item to compare the original colour with the faded colour — you may find yourself running to contact a painting contractor.

You Don’t Like the Colour

Tastes and styles change over time, or maybe you updated your furniture or window coverings in your home. If you find that you no longer like the colour of the paint, or it doesn’t match your existing decor, these are just as good a reason to hire an interior painter as any other. And the fun part is that you can choose all new paint colours that will create a cohesive and beautiful aesthetic in your home.

You’re Selling Your House

You may love the dark green feature wall in your bedroom, or the unique design in the living room, but if you’re selling your house, you may want to consider updating the paint to a more neutral colour. Neutral colours like an eggshell white, a light grey, or even a pale blue if you keep it on the safe side, will appeal to a larger number of people, increasing the chances that you’ll find a buyer. Interior house painting is an investment, but it can definitely be worth it, especially if you have unique colours in your home currently. This sign also pertains to your exterior house paint. If it’s been five or more years since your exterior has been painted, you may want to take a look outside as well.

The painting contractors at Integrity Painting have been helping clients throughout Winnipeg update and refresh their home’s paint, both the interior and exterior, since 1992. If your home’s paint is peeling, scuffed, or just needs to be updated to match your decor, you can count on us to provide exceptional service as well as skilled and dedicated contractors. Get in touch with Integrity Painting today for a free consultation.