Painting your bedroom is exciting, yet we find that folks are often on the fence about the best colour scheme for this room in particular. For whatever reason, we find that homeowners hold their bedrooms dear to their hearts and place extra care in selecting the colours with which they paint their bedrooms. That’s why we’ve collected a few tips that you can try out to help you to choose the perfect colour to meet your desires. Once you’ve found the perfect hue, you can always count on our crew to apply the paint — we provide interior (and exterior!) home painting services for folks here in Winnipeg. Take a look at our tips to get started!

Consider Your Furniture

Do you already have furniture stocked throughout your bedroom? Then you can pair your paint with the colour palette that your furniture offers. Or, if you don’t have furniture yet, you can base your furniture purchases off of the paint colour that you’ve selected. Regardless of where you’re at, you can look at swatches that work well with the overall colour scheme that you’re settleing on for your bedroom. Consider colours that work well together, yet aren’t too similar — since that can prove overwhelming.

Daytime Versus Nighttime

Your bedroom will look very different depending on the lighting. During the day, natural white light will flood the room, bringing extra life to your furniture, plants throughout the room, and of course, the paint on your walls. Yet, at night, you’ll have a warmer manmade light that will bring character out of the same colours. When it comes time to select a paint colour or two for your bedroom, take time to look at swatches during daylight and nighttime conditions. You may want to steer clear of colours that are too light or too dark, since they can be overwhelming at certain times throughout the day.

Pair With Your Flooring

While you may paint your walls at your whim, it’s less likely that you’ll change the flooring of your bedroom very often. Consider how the paint of your bedroom will look abutting the floors of the room. If you have white carpet, would white walls look too sterile? Perhaps a rich pine green will work better. Or maybe you have dark wood floors with intricate red area rugs. A pale-blue will quietly lend character to these features. Again, grab plenty of colour swatches that you like and compare them side-by-side with your bedroom’s flooring.

Add Your Personal Touch

Everybody has their own tastes, and your home has its own character. Let your taste guide you to the right colour, and use your home’s character to narrow down the choices. Perhaps you love purple; ask yourself: Would a bold eggplant purple look good as an accent colour? Or maybe you’ve always loved robin’s egg blue. Your bedroom may prove to be the perfect place to paint a colour that’s close to your heart.

It All Starts With Integrity

Whether you’ve decided on a colour palette, or you’re still on the fence, we’re here to help. We can provide you with a colour consultation to help you find the best colour to suit your preferences. Or, if you’re ready to get started, we’re eager to apply that paint — just give us a call for a free estimate. Again, Integrity Painting provides home painting services for folks throughout Winnipeg.