Whether you’re looking to improve the equity in your home, or you’re planning on selling your home soon, then it may prove beneficial to invest in your abode to earn returns in the future. That said, some investments are better than others (and some can actually lose you money!), so how can you be sure that you’re investing wisely with your home improvements? Well, we’ve collected some of the best improvements that you can make to your home, as far as value goes. To get started, we’ll talk about curb appeal and exterior home painting — our specialty!

Boost Curb Appeal

When folks drive by your home, they’ll form a first impression based on curb appeal. If you have a home with a broken garage, old, faded paint, and a dirty porch then you probably won’t be impressing any passersby. On the other hand, with a fresh coat of paint, a modern garage door, and a renovated porch, you’ll dazzle guests. Improve your home’s curb appeal to lend extra value to the overall home and to improve intrigue if you ever place your abode on the market. Consider updating the landscape (even just planting a tree can go a long way), replacing the doors and windows, improving the garage, and of course, painting the exterior of the home (we can help you with that last bit).

Remodel Outdated Rooms

Next, take a keen look around your home. Do you have old countertops in the kitchen that haven’t been updated since the 60s? Or perhaps your bathroom still features a yellow porcelain sink (from who knows when). Renovate any rooms that look outdated and weathered. Consider replacing old carpet, outdated flooring, tearing down wallpaper, updating fixtures, you name it. Renovating these rooms will make your home feel as if it were built in this decade (instead of the last millennium).

Maintenance & Efficiency

Home buyers are looking for homes that are easy to maintain and homes that are efficient. Consider investing in EnergyStar® appliances to improve the energy and water use throughout your home. Or invest in solar panels that will provide free, clean energy during those sunny days of the year. Also, take a moment to ask yourself when you last performed maintenance on your appliances. Has your AC unit been serviced in the last year? What about the furnace? Did you swap out the air filter too? Keep up on upkeep around your home to ensure that your appliances are operating as they should — or else an inspection may reveal that they’re at the end of their lives.

Add Living & Utility Space

Do you have an unfinished basement? Or perhaps you have a large backyard that could use an expanded deck. Take a look around your home and property to see if there is any underutilized space. Add livable and usable space to your home to boost its value. Just take note, some additions may not be a good investment (like turning the attic into a pool hall).

Update Appliances & Fixtures

If your appliances look old, your home will feel old, especially to newcomers. Take a look at the appliances in your kitchen and the fixtures in your bathroom. If you have old, white appliances in the kitchen, consider swapping them out for new, stainless steel models. What about that lemon yellow bathtub and sink? It’s probably time to go with timeless white. While appliance and fixture replacement may be costly up front, newer models can be more efficient, and you’ll regain much of the value you invested when you choose to sell your home.

Get Started With Integrity Painting

While we can’t do it all, we can certainly help you with a fresh coat of paint. Our expert painters would be ecstatic to help you improve the value and appeal of your home with our interior and exterior painting services. Give us a call to learn more about what we can do for you — we provide residential painting services for folks throughout WInnipeg!